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Improving Sales

This means something different to every organization.  For one organization it may mean hiring great salespeople or a sales leader. For another company it may mean giving your team the highest level of training possible. Regardless of your situation, if it is a sales related solution that you need, there is a high probability that I can help you achieve the success you desire.

Complete Sales Program Review

To achieve the highest levels of sales success, I will personally assess your sales team’s skills, systems and process to create a custom action plan to maximize your sales revenue and ultimately boost your bottom line. I will look at every person on the sales team and also interview all the departments that interact with sales to reach the highest level of effectiveness. This is usually the best place to start in a new engagement.

Fractional Chief Sales Officer

Everyone has a different name for the highest position on the sales team.  For some it is CSO, for others it is VP of Sales or even a simple Sales Manager. Regardless of title, this is the role I can fill for you. Imagine if you could have an expert sales manager who can actually sell and close sales, as well as a  trainer, coach and leader that could empower your team and also hold them accountable without the huge six-figure price tag?  That is exactly what a fractional CSO does.  Once your needs have been assessed it may be that your most important needs can be addressed in far less than forty hours per week. Maybe it will take one day per month or two days per week. Regardless of how much time it will take to create the team that exceeds your expectations, you only pay for the most important functions and you don’t pay that high salary for the busy work and less valuable things that person would normally do.

Creating New Sales teams

One of the most daunting tasks for an organization that does not have a sales team is the idea of creating one from scratch. Where do you start? How will they be hired and trained? How will they be compensated? How will you hold them accountable, and the list goes on.  Relax. Not only am I an  expert in this arena, but it is one of the most exhilarating types of projects I tackle. I will help you build your team correctly and powerfully while helping you avoid the pitfalls of bad hires and bad practices that drain the bottom line.

Hiring Great People

Are you able to hire the best people or are you finding that some of them are not who they represented themselves to be when you interviewed them?  I can help you create a hiring process that is effective and consistently weeds out the people you don’t want on your team, while attracting the ones that you do want. If desired, I can help in the physical interviewing and vetting as well. In fact if you want me to do the entire process, I will. When it comes to hiring people, we don’t stop at sales-related roles. I can help you with most positions, including c-level people and even drivers.

Non-Profit Fundraising

You may not realize this, but the skills needed to be a great fundraiser are the same skills you need to be a great salesperson.  There are very few of us who train in this discipline, but it is something I have a passion for.

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