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John J. Kimmel started his career as a professional salesperson in the floor covering business in 1984 and  advanced into sales management in 1988. Over the next 30 years John developed his sales and business skills, including hiring, managing, leading, and training of sales professionals and executives. Since then he has added public speaking and writing to his list of passions, publishing his first book in 2016. His experience includes wholesale, intangibles, and high-end retail on a local, regional and national level. He has even trained internationally. His background in Mergers & Acquisitions, operations, marketing, finance, and logistics adds to his understanding of his most valuable area of expertise; sales.


As a Certified Human Behavior Consultant (CHBC) and a certified John C. Maxwell leadership trainer, Kimmel is an expert in communication, culture and leadership and has trained on sales and sales leadership on a constant basis for well over three decades. 

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