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Sales Services


Hiring Great People

Are you able to hire the best people or are you finding that some of them are not who they represented themselves to be when you interviewed them?  I can help you create a hiring process that is effective and consistently weeds out the people you don’t want on your team, while attracting the ones that you do want. If desired, I can help in the physical interviewing and vetting as well. In fact if you want me to do the entire process, I will. When it comes to hiring people, we don’t stop at sales-related roles. I can help you with most positions, including c-level people and even drivers.

Executive Development

Whether it is communication, time management, leadership ability or one of the other skills you desire your executives to have, I can empower your leaders to new levels. There are countless books and videos designed to help people achieve the skills they desire but is the spaced repetition training and coaching I do that makes those skills part of your leaders DNA.

Management Development

Like executive development above, I can instill the skills your managers need, while focusing on topics relevant to middle-management. Having great managers will allow you to promote from within instead of always looking outside the organization for top leaders. 

Business Consulting

This the catch-all category for all types of business projects. It can include everything from coaching a CEO through a difficult decision to helping the family members in a family business get along and treat one another with respect. If you're not sure if I can help you with the situation you find yourself in, just ask. If I can’t help, I may know someone else who can. 

Strategic Planning

Companies that implement a properly done strategic plan are far more efficient than those who don’t and it shows on their bottom-line.  I can facilitate an annual strategic plan for your team that will not only focus you and your organization on the most valuable tasks to complete for the year, but you will also go back to the office with a written plan that also includes quarterly and even monthly goals for the different members of your team.

DISC Training

DISC training can do so many amazing things for your team. DISC will help your salespeople close more sales and will increase customer loyalty. DISC will allow executives to communicate in ways that will improve team productivity and reduce turnover. It will do the same for your middle-managers as well. DISC will even help entry-level employees communicate with your customers and your team in ways you could never have dreamed of. And if that were not enough, DISC can dramatically lower the drama around the office.

Human Capital Integration

While this often becomes necessary after a business acquisition, it can also become necessary for a variety of other reasons.  Essentially, human capital integration is the art and science of assessing the members of a team for fit into company culture and position. I often find that valuable team members are in the wrong seat and should be repurposed.  I also find that some members of the team should be released or lack the training to succeed in the role they are working in. Assessing your team will not only bring insight, but also improvement to morale and the bottom line.

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