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Sales Services


Mergers & Acquisitions

While My colleague and I specialize in petroleum, we can help business owners grow or exit from many different industries.  Our process is different than most and is always done with the highest level of confidentiality.  If a no up-front money process intrigues you, let’s have a conversation.

Transfer of Wealth

You have worked a lifetime to build something you can pass to the next generation, but how do you do that without Uncle Sam taking most of it away from you? And perhaps more importantly, how can you keep living on your companies earnings without draining all the value out of the organization.

Wealth Building

What is the best direction for your company to go? Should you grow organically with new products or in a new geography? Perhaps you should acquire a competitor. If so, which one? These are the kinds of questions that company leaders face everyday. My colleague and I can help you understand the best options you have and help you attain them. We will likely also bring ideas to the table that you haven’t thought of before.

Business Consulting

This the catch-all category for all types of business projects. It can include everything from coaching a CEO through a difficult decision to helping the family members in a family business get along and treat one another with respect. If you're not sure if I can help you with the situation you find yourself in, just ask. If I can’t help, I may know someone else who can. 

Human Capital Due Diligence

Congratulations, you just purchased one of your competitors! You did all the financial due diligence. You also did the asset due diligence and event the operational due diligence. But who is going to do the human capital due diligence? In other words, how will you know the quality of the employees that came along with the deal. Are they really that good? Are they even in the best role for their skill set? These are ll things I can uncover for you when I assess the new team members headed your way. By the way, wouldn’t it be nice to know if there is a bad apple in the bunch before he or she spoils your existing team?

Human Capital Integration

While this often becomes necessary after a business acquisition, it can also become necessary for a variety of other reasons.  Essentially, human capital integration is the art and science of assessing the members of a team for fit into company culture and position. I often find that valuable team members are in the wrong seat and should be repurposed.  I also find that some members of the team should be released or lack the training to succeed in the role they are working in. Assessing your team will not only bring insight, but also improvement to morale and the bottom line.

Business Forecasting 

Looking at your books, can you tell where your company will be in five years as it relates to profitability? How about your sales team? Are they trending the right direction compared to the direction of the rest of your organization? Business forecasting can mean many things, and my colleague and I can help you figure out most of the forecasts you need to succeed.

Business Health Check-Up

This is actually a free service my colleague and I will preform to see where you heading both from a financial point of view and a human resources perspective as well. If this sounds interesting, contact me for a free consultation.

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