Complete Sales Program Review

To achieve the highest levels of sales success, I will personally assess your sales team’s skills, systems and process to create a custom action plan to maximize your sales revenue and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Fractional Sales Management

What if you could have an expert sales manager, trainer, coach and leader that could empower your team and also hold them accountable without the huge six-figure price tag?  That is exactly what fractional sales management does. Once your needs have been assessed it may be that your most important needs can be addressed in far less than forty hours per week. Maybe it will take one day per month or two days per week. Regardless of how much time it will take to create the team that exceeds your expectations, you only pay for the most important functions and you don’t pay that high salary for the busy work and less valuable things that person would normally do.

Targeted Training

If you already know what you want your team to learn, I can train your team those skills, systems or process.  This can be done individually or seminar style, based on your unique needs.

Sales Consulting

Not sure how to get the results you are looking for?  I can help you identify problems and implement solutions in the most powerful way possible. Depending on your situation, this could be as simple as a second set of eyes on a plan you are about to take action on or as in-depth as implementing a CRM over several months.

Hiring Salespeople and Managers

Are you able to hire the best people or are you finding that some of them are not who they represented themselves to be when you interviewed them?  I can help you create a hiring process that is effective and consistently weeds out the people you don't want on your team, while attracting the ones that you do want.  I can help in the physical interviewing  and vetting as well.

Creating a Sales Team from Scratch

If you are at a place where you need to create a sales team, congratulations! Let me help you build your team correctly and powerfully while helping you avoid the pitfalls of bad hires and bad practices that drain the bottom line.

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